Triune Blog Train

I am the proud host of the Triune Blog Train (a Christian/Faith Blog Train)! 

If you would like to contribute a mini kit, word art, etc for this, please contact me - by leaving a comment or via my Sairi Designs' Facebook page.

I have a Facebook Group where all the planning takes place.  I would love to see this train grow and grow!

Our first blog train launched October 15th with seven participating blogs.  And we are up to about a dozen for our second train!  God is good!

I hope you enjoy this endeavor as much as I am!  And PLEASE, spread the word. . .

What does Triune mean?
[tri·une] [trahy-yoon]
1. three in one; constituting a trinity in unity, as the Godhead.
2. Trinity, the Godhead in Christianity
(from wikipedia)

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